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There are tessentially three components in your computer system that determine how fast your computer performs. The speed of the CPU to perform calculations, the speed and response time of your hard drive (HDD or storage) to access and load data, and the available RAM (computer memory) to load data and run programs without having to access the hard drive continuiously.

One of the most recent advances in computer technology are solid state hard drives (SSD). Traditional hard drives uses a system of platters which spin at a very fast rate under a read head that moves back and forth accross the surface of the disk. Although cheap and with high storage capacities, SSD hard drives use non-moving permenant memory to vastly increase both the performance and the speed of data access.

RevelationSky can supply solid state hard drives, migrate your operating system and data and have you up and running with a faster and more responsive computer. As a guide, a five year old computer running a traditional hard drive and Windows 10 as the operating system can expect a time to start up of around 2 to 3 minutes. The same computer with a SSD hard drive will typically take 20 to 40 seconds!