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Computers and hard drives do fail. It is only a matter of time, so the use of a good data backup system is one of the most important decisions you will make.

There are many flavours of backup programs available, including those provided with your operating system (these being Windows Backup under Windows 10 and Time Machine for Macintosh OSX). However, there is a difference between those that just backup your data and those that backup the entire workstation including all of your software and the operating system itself.

For the last ten years the go to products for us have been the Shadowprotect Desktop for the Windows environment and Acronis Trueimage for the Mac OSX environment.

Regardless of the software you select, you must also ensure that you have an air-gapped or cloud backup repository. The repository is simply the device (or location) that your backups are made to. Air-gapped means that you have more than one drive that you swap over periodically. Cloud backup means a location on the internet, hosted by a cloud storage provider, that you send your backups to using the internet.

The reason we suggest using multiple storage devices or cloud backup locations is due to the more modern variations on viruses and malware that actually encrypt all of your data as well as any devices that are attached to your workstation, rendering your backups useless as well.

If you do not have a backup solution or are concerned that your current solution is not safe, please contact us today for a discussion and plan to ensure that your data is safe.


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